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What we do


We offer customers a full range of products and services and because of our many contacts, we can save customers time and money on anything they need.

We collaborate with:

  • Artisan shops that produce standard and diatonic accordions
  • Music stores that carry traditional and diatonic accordions
  • Businesses that specialize in accordion reparations and installations
  • Accordionists
  • Accordion schools

We Offer

  • A complete range of standard and diatonic accordions that were made in Castelfidardo. Please refer to the price list for models and prices
  • Specific accordion / diatonic models from various accordion factories that are not available on the market. For this reason these accordions are specially priced.
  • Research, estimate costs and produce special lines of accordions
  • Research, estimate costs and produce accordions based on your specifications
  • All  replaceable spare parts are located on the price list.
  • Used accordions including their condition and price
  • Estimates on the reparation and reconstruction of old accordions. Possibly this includes estimates installations and/or decorations (which are done at specialty shops.)

For these reasons, we collaborate with:

  • Various factories in Castelfidardo that manufacture both standard and diatonic accordions
  • Various workshops specialized in installing systems ( MIDI Systems & Microphone Systems )  and decorations .
  • Various factories that manufacture accordion components
  • Various factories specialized in the workmanship and/or assembly of component parts

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